Magento Development

Magento is an open source based e-Commerce web application. It was developed by programmers belonging to the open source community. Magento uses the entity-attribute-value database model for data storage. However, the only free version of Magento is The Magento Community Edition. Magento uses a robust platform to develop vibrant e-Commerce solutions. It is one of the widely and most used open source technology owing to features that make e-Commerce based customization smooth. Xpert Web India is a leading Magento development company. We create websites for clients that are user friendly and easy to use. We also research on Magento frameworks and keep ourselves updated with any new developments. We have a committed team that deals with all and sundry information and updates on the open source platform. The expertise of our teams helps them crack any critical business issues that our clients face.

We primarily offer services like:

  • We prepare Template design in Magento based on customer specifications
  • We design websites using the Magento platform
  • We create e-Commerce solutions based on the open source web application
  • We deal with Magento module development
  • We develop theme designs in Magento
  • We also deal with website reconstruction using Magento

Magento is popular shopping cart software and we use this platform to deliver successful business opportunities to our clients. Since Magento is free to use, hence there is an increased interest in its usage. It gives the users a variety of option to choose from.

Magento provides product information, prices, and color in one drop down menu preserving the interest of the shoppers. Shopping carts developed using Magento come with a high end feature that lets the users compare the chosen products. Shoppers can also prepare their own reviews on products purchased.

An added feature in Magento helps change the currency and language. Smooth features provided by Magento make it the ideal choice by users to shop with.

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