Responsive Website Design

As everyday a new user accesses your site using a new device or a new browser or a new platform, your site needs to be optimized for all of these. Hiring a mobile website development can be one option if you can maintain the support. At Xpert Web India, we have come up with the dream solution for this scenario and we call it Responsive Website Design (RWD). It adjusts to the area of the browser by placing components of the page dynamically. So, be it a full screen desktop display or a 2.4” mobile display, your site gives the user the content they are looking for. Bye bye sliding and scrolling!!

What We Have In Our Magic Hat?

Xpert Web India realised the importance of responsive website development to give our clients the best of technology. We are now able to deliver our clients vibrant websites that can suit any user, using whatever device and display. Responsive web design maximizes the use of screen real estate and places the components craftily so your most important news doesn’t miss the attention of the visitor.

When our competitors are still obsessed with the page layout, we revolutionized the thought process and started thinking from the device. How our client’s page should look from each device available in the market, popular or otherwise. Long researches and discussions showed us our way. After all, the dominance of Xpert Web India as a web development company is solely based on thought leadership.

And, How We Manage It?

Xpert Web India, who earlier offered you more traditional websites and webpages, now is able to take care of your complete RWD need. How we do responsive website design and development? By following these simple steps.

  • We check the contents of the page and decide where to place whom for different viewing areas.
  • It is easy to construct if the display is big. That’s why we start with the most difficult part and decide about the mobile device view first.
  • No, we don’t use graphic designing softwares as much as our competitors do. Instead we concentrate on the browser. After all, your website will be displayed in a browser and not in Photoshop.
  • Modular designing from our expert web development teams helps you to have your site optimized for each viewing challenge.
  • We don’t bid adieu after receiving your check. We make a long term commitment to our clients and we honour it with continuous support and modifications.

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