OsCommerce Development

osCommerce is a short form and its expansion stands for Open Source Commerce. osCommerce is an e-Commerce and online store management application. Open Source is a term used to denote the philosophy that promotes free usage of computer software available in a source code under a license.

osCommerce application assists a marketer to launch an online store much quickly and with ease. osCommerce has since its launch matured into an effective online solution powering many registered live shops the world over. osCommerce, like any other of its peer Open Source software, is released free of cost under the GNU General Public License.

osCommerce is used on any web server that has PHO and MySQL preinstalled. Over the years, number of live websites using this application has mushroomed to about to 14,000.

The online shopping e-Commerce solution is continually polished and maintained by a team of dedicated open source developers. The community aims at enhancing the application to the next level so that managing online stores gets easier than ever.

Xpert Web India offers effective e-Solutions to its clients for their e-Commerce needs. We help them create, design and develop their online business stores using the most advanced applications of this platform.

We specialize in osCommerce Development and therefore present the most feasible, affordable and simple osCommerce web design, support and customization services to our clients.
We have been creating masterpieces using this technology to deliver effective, routing friendly and adjustable osCommerce based websites.
Our team of professional developers creates these applications best suited to the requirement of our customers.

Features of osCommerce are:

  • It can be quickly installed.
  • It is a smart piece of application.
  • It is an ideal choice for online businesses to flourish.
  • It provides gateway implementation.
  • It lets customized solutions be delivered to clients.
  • It provides a well featured solution to online marketers.

osCommerce is currently available in the versions 3.0 and 2.3 that are developed as independent programs rather than share code.

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