Shopping Cart Solutions

We provide the easiest and most cost-effective online shopping cart solutions over the internet in this era. Shopping cart solutions provide to sell more than one item online, you need shopping cart software so our customers can browse items, can make more than one selections. We use ecommerce software is supported by some of the best customer service you will receive forever. Good shopping cart software offers keep track of your inventory and generate reports and host of other tools to help get your online shopping up and running.

You would get following advantages:


Items Management

  • Real-time product updates forever
  • Manage unlimited products and their categories
  • Color swatches for product images
  • Advance Search options for products
  • Copy products to more than one categories
  • Manage display order of products/category
  • Volume discounts
  • Set products pricing to multiple customer types


Cart Management

  • Manage order status: sent, pending, back-ordered
  • Manage shipping methods
  • Secure credit card payments (PayPal, etc)
  • Manage orders online
  • Manage detailed order history

Customer Management

  • Manage customer profiles
  • Manage multiple customer types
  • Volume discounts as per customer type

Inventory Management

  • Product Level Inventory Control
  • Real-Time Product Inventory Tracking
  • Quantity in Stock Inventory Report
  • Inventory Control on Product Purchases

Shopping Cart

  • Category Drill-Down
  • Secure On-Line Ordering and Checkout
  • Multiple Payment Methods (Master card, Visa card etc.)
  • Multiple Shipping Methods (Ups, Fedex)
  • Shipping Calculated On Checkout Process
  • Email Notification of Orders (To Customer and Admin Both)
  • Update Product Quantities from Cart
  • Hot and Featured Product Listings
  • Manage Customer Billing, Shipping Information


  • Secure administrator Login to Manage Shopping Website
  • Provide Administrators Manual
  • Create/Change Admin Username & Password


  • Stock Report
  • Total Customer Report
  • Total Sales Report (Date, Between Dates, Month and Yearly)

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